Poppers Clips

Here is a running list of my favorite poppers clips made to date. All clips are for purchase on either my iwantclips, kinkbomb, or clips4sale studios.

Poppers & Fierce Booty Hole Stimulation

Have your vile close by. I want to make you get high as fuck and bring you deeper into my world. Each time you see me give you the jerk off sign you will inhale those fumes. You will soon find yourself repeating me out loud. The show is about to begin and I will take complete control. Poppers heighten your state of arousal. Something a FREAK like yourself needs to pay attention to is your ASSHOLE. Take your finger and SLIDE it inside. If you don’t have lube by wet your finger and pop it into your asshole. You will soon find yourself saying, “Princess Fierce owns my tight virgin hole.” The pleasure I provide you will bring more power my way. As you fuck your tight asshole you will soon find yourself giving me everything. Spread your cheeks and open your wallet; it’s game time.

Cei Mindwarp

Sound and visual effects are used to trigger your addiction to CEI. This video is best viewed right before heavy poppers, 420, psychedelics usage preferably with headphones. However none of the above is necessary it will just intensify the experience. Sit back and I will get deep into your mind. Making you realize your face will soon be covered with a sticky white substance. As you listen to my cosmic voice and go deeper into my realm you will soon find yourself with your legs flipped over your head ready to give yourself a cum facial.


Poppers Debauchery

Are you ready for the ride of your life? Ready to go deep into my world? Ready to finally lose control? Fall deeper into my world? Of course you are. As you sit there ready for my body to overtake your mind; I will add fuel to the fire I am about to burn inside of you. You will pull out your vile of alkyl nitrates (poppers) and inhale. As the fumes enter your nose, lift off begins. My ass in your face, my voice, echoing in your mind. There is no escape. My body will lure you in and soon you will find yourself mesmerized by my goddess body. Every inch will make you repeat after me, “I am Princess Fierce’s Slave”. By the end of this clip you will be flustered, and ready to plunge deeper into the Fierce abyss.

Poppers Mind Molding Experiment

You are weak. You are vulnerable. You are about to make a lasting impression on your Goddess. You will get out your poppers. You are desperate to sniff. You crave to grow and stroke. You desire my words to shape and mold your mind. Get those poppers out and breath. Sniff. Get high. Good boy. Now listen to my voice echo through your head. Answer me. Are you desperate? Yes. Good boy. I will make you inhale. I will get you weak. I will tease and tempt you with my body. Tell me I am perfect. SAY IT. Who do you get hard for? Me. I will teach you a way of life. You will get high, hard, and stupid for me.


Popper Paradise

Up to no good like usual. I want you to give in. What do you think that means? It means you have that vile of handy. You are going to give in and breath in my stimulating aroma. You will inhale and my voice will echo and you will find it impossible not to smile. You will stroke you will play and I will show you who is in control. You will nod. You will turn into putty. You will look deep into my eyes. Unable to look away. I will bring you to paradise. I will show you heaven. I will give your life meaning. Clip is filmed in HD.

Poppers Deep Trance

Before watching this clip have p(0)pp3rs “alkyl nitrates” ready to use. Sit in total darkness except for the screen you are watching this clip on. I will encourage you to inhale fumes for me. I will want you to have a major head rush. I am about to take you into a world you have never been before. Are you ready to go deeper? Deeper than you’ve ever been before? My voice will echo in your mind. Soon you will realize you’re life has one true meaning. You will submit yourself. You will find yourself fixated on my voice. You will feel nervous, but I will ease your tension. I will mold you. I will give you air. Your mind will spin more. Soon you will enter a deep tr4nce and more p(o)pp3rs will be used. Soon you will realize I am the supreme being you answer to.

The third Eye

Special effects will heighten your arousal while viewing me; this clip is not for amateur popper users. This clip is for TRUE poppers and FIERCE addicts. Do p0ppers. Do lots of them. In this clip I will make your mind slowly melt. I will fuel your growing addiction. I will get deep into your head. Soon you will find yourself dizzy from gazing into my eyes. The power I will hold over you, the meaning of life I will bring to you. As you descend deeper into oblivion you will soon realize this is exactly where you belong. Poppers and Fierce are a way of life.

Poppers Makes You Crumble

Before you watch this clip have alkyl nitrates. Its time to get this party started. I want you listening carefully to everything that I say. I want you to follow my orders. You’ve hesitated in the past. But you will give yourself completely to me. You are ready to take the dive. You are ready to take the plunge. You know what you are going to do big boy? You will be pulling out your and place them up to your nose. You will breath in. Breath in those fumes. Let that head rush. I want you to be under a heightened sexual state. I want you aroused. Is your head spinning? Relaxing? Good. Now I know you need to jerk it. Take your hand place it on your cock and stroke. I will get deep into your head. I will make you aware of how much I control you dick, your wallet, your mind. You will breath in my scent. I will enter deeper. Your head will spin. You will know its time to serve. Give me all that I want. Continue stroking, look deep into my eyes. I own you. I control you. I do what I please. You worship me. Surrender yourself to me. You’re all mine. I will infect your mind and soon you will be hyped up on and purchasing all my clips.


Fierce Time The Popper Dimension

Clip best viewed on large screen, in dark, and wearing headphones. There is a faint heartbeat that is best heard if wearing headphones. Have Poppers/alkyl nitrites/p0ppers Come join me on a journey into the alternate dimension known as FierceTime. It is time you recognize you are incapable of escaping my power. You will submit yourself to my erotic, hypn0tic, int0xicating fumes…breath in p0ppers…and find yourself spiraling deeper into my universe. This is an intense 15 minute p0pper, mindfuck, goddess worship clip. Once you have entered FierceTIME do not expect to EVER leave. I will infect your mind and use you like a puppet.

Trippin Balls Brainwash

This clip is perfect for people under the influence of mind altering substances, specifically poppers, 420, and best for anyone using psychedelics. Trippy Princess Fierce is about to infect your mind. I will harness the power in order to overtake your mind. In 5 minutes I will leave an everlasting impression burned into your retinas. Your mind will be molded into the perfect student.



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