Financial Domination Clips

These are some of my personal favorite financial domination clips. Obviously this means go and buy them idiot.

Money Matters Financial Domination

Money looks good on me. In fact I deserve it all. Come on. Think about it. Who deserves ever single thing that they want? It’s not a trick question. Take a look at the hottie in this video, ME. Guess who is gonna spend? Guess who will spend? Guess who will keep adding these bills to my hand? YOU, pay piggy. Making it mine is what gets you hot. I will take it. It’s mine. What exactly am I even taking? It’s pretty fucking obvious the money was mine to begin with. I am just here to collect it. So give it to me.

Bratty Princess Fierce Financial Domination

Sit back and relax for me. Relax and listen very carefully. I don’t respect you. I don’t like you. There is not a single thing I find attractive about you. You already know this. You already know you are beneath me. In my presence you deserve ONE thing. To send me money. Nothing about you is remotely attractive. Listen to me begin to humiliate you. Don’t worry I will give you my undivided attention. All for one simple reason. To coerce you to pay and pay and pay. Continue listening to your bratty princess tell you all about how you are going to spend and spend and spend on ME!

Stacking Bills Financial Domination Brainwash

I am here to get deep into your mind. I am after 1 thing. Money. I am not here to get your dick off. I am here to drain you. As you listen and gaze upon the spiraling money you will become fixated on pleasing your Princess. Go deeper into my world pet, spiral out of control, let the ca$h flow into my bank account. When I am through with you…all you will be doing is opening up the tribute page and sending me ca$h, ca$h, ca$h.

My Hobbies Include Money Money Money Financial Domination

I have one love, money. So shut up, sit there, look at me, and open it up. Not your trousers. That thing. Open that thing in your back pocket. That wallet you idiot. That’s what I am after. You think I like you? You think I want your dick? You’re only fooling yourself sweetie. Don’t act like your dick isn’t throbbing at the thought of unloading Benjamins into my account. I’m not here for your jizz. I could give two flying fucks what your “fetishes” are; today it’s about MY fetish, MY love, MY desire. You will learn to like it. In fact you will grow addicted to working and paying for the chance to be apart of my existence. Sit back, it’s drain time boy. Be ready to hand it all over.

Mortgage Your Orgasm Financial Domination

You’ll cum at any cost; so get ready to charge this orgasm. It’s so easy for me to get everything that I desire from you. You’re about to purchase this because you are really horny. You want to touch yourself at any cost. You want a reward don’t you? Don’t you want to jack it to me? Of course. I will make you admire my perfect Goddess physique. When you look at me you become a silly naughty boy. I will make you grow weaker, more vulnerable. Remind yourself your dick is in control right now. Your dick wants me. I’m going to use this to my full advantage. You’re drooling. Don’t kid yourself you wanna jack off to me. I’ll Torment you. I’ll make you stop stroking while you look at me. I’ll make you practically explode before making you stop. I’ll make you pump it hard and fast as we approach the end. I’ll count you down and you’re gonna bust it all over the place.



Shroom Strokes Financial Domination

This clip is best viewed under the use of psychedelics, alkyl nitrates, 420 (green), or any other mind altering substances. Sit back and listening to my voice echo in your mind. You will soon realize you will succumb to the urge to worship me for life. Goddess will always get what Goddess wants. You are a helpless impressionable boy. I will shape and mold your mind. You will soon realize I am the bratty bitch you will give all to. MONEY, PRIDE, DIGNITY. My tits will put you into a deep trance. As you look at those $$ changing colors you will soon realize you will give up everything for me.






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